Control field supervisor’s jobs on three or more rigs. Organizes work on the wells and the execution of functional duties on the drilling engineers. Coordinates monitors and controls the service (technology) organizations of the drilling process. Controls the equipment and supplies materials usage.

On daily basis prepares and sends rig current operations reports according to the Customer’s required form. Identifies the existing problems and suggests corrective measures. Provide the full job picture. Responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the information send.

Confirms the jobs performed in the fields act by the signature.

Make the detailed analysis of non-productive time for the more effective job. Give proposals to reduce it.

Health and safety:
Follow the common industrial, occupational safety (health, fire and environment) rules. Monitor the all HSE rules compliance by the field personnel. Control the Customer’s instructions to be done on time.

Require work performance in accordance with the agreed and approved plans. Check the well-plan, BHA and other calculations. Communicate with the Customer’s representatives at the rig site directly (to avoid or settle deviation of the drilling program and contract obligations failures). Quickly agrees the new plan with the Customer’s if steps out occurred.

Make the inspection of incoming equipment and materials (casings, bits, chemicals etc.). Control delivery and stock back up of the equipment and materials at the rig site. Plans depth-day jobs in order avoid NPT for the drilling crews. Determine priorities of the task operations. Control proper organization of work places (rational distribution of materials, parts, tools, supplies and its storage).Control the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Observe Labour discipline, internal regulations, the requirements of the rules and instructions for the safe operations, technological regimes and regulations. Control safe work methods.

Informs management about working conditions at the rig site (needed corrective actions to optimize the process and provide safe work).Informs management about violations and incidents accrued.

Takes care of the Customer’s property, provides its safety.

Protects the commercial secrets (personal data and confidentiality of the information which was received due to duty performance).