Project manager

Project Manager is the primary contact person to the Customer at the project level and provides communication between all services in order to ensure the trouble proof execution of works.

Guarantee the Contract terms and liability execution.

Take part in analysing drilled wells before the project starts (including project start preparations).

Control operational and technological drilling process in accordance with the approved documentation. Participate in drilling planning on all sections.

Organize and prepare back up plans if emergent and unforeseeable situations occurred.

Instruct the personnel and make corrections (confirmed by the calculations and planned operations). Make decisions in critical situations.

Ensure the effectiveness of the jobs provided and KPIs achievement.

Find out the reasons and give proposals for process optimization of well construction and reduce costs in all aspects of job performed under the Contract.

Do risk analysis; work out on preventive measures to reduce its possibility.

Take part in the elimination of complications, accidents, NPT during the drilling.

It identifies the causes and nature of geological complications while drilling. Work out on measures to reduce such issues.

Does project procurement, keeps equipment, goods and materials movement records. Fills in field man tracking records.
Planning and control order / delivery of goods and materials, equipment and all service units.

Take control over the Customer’s and the leased property and equipment.

Assists service units in solving work and unforeseen issues.

Control the costs of wells constructions and its account for all services according to the Contract. Provide report to the Customer if required.

Prepare all required documentations (drilling programs, reports, work-orders, claims to contractors, acts of acceptance etc.)

Provide the amount of penalties to the Contractor for the Customer’s approval.

Manage field personnel. Organize supervisors and Service Company’s efficient work. Give the description of their work.

Follow the common industrial, occupational safety (health, fire and environment) rules. Monitor the all HSE rules compliance by the field personnel. Control the Customer’s instructions to be done on time.

Monitor all the required technical documentation on drilled and drilling wells.

Monitor all required training and testing passed in time according to the Russian Labour law (RGTN, occupational health, etc.)

Immediately inform the Customer about any issues happened at the rig site.

Timely provide report on all service rig activity, including Health, Safety and Environment report.

Prepare final reports, analyses. Prepare final presentations.

Give the final report with suggestions and the lessons learned on the drilled well.

Control administration on the project.

Perform other functions within the competence.

Protects the commercial secrets (personal data and confidentiality of the information which was received due to duty performance).