Mud engineer

Works with any type of the drilling mud (saline, biopolymer, oil-based, etc.) Control the drilling technology and preparation circulating fluids during drilling operations. Control chemical reagents needed, components of the drilling fluid needed to perform the planned programme. Control rational use of the drilling mud components.Control the mud preparation. Give the recommendations on the optimal chosen of the circulation fluid for the all stages of drilling. Control mud parameters in accordance with the work plan, approximate geological and technical data and regulations for the preparation and mud usage.

Makes the necessary reports according to the Customer’s form (general and average chemicals consumption for the mud preparation). Makes reports on chemicals consumption.

Control the technology of mud preparation. Control mud cleaning. Participate in the optimization meetings (mud cleaning equipment and washing liquids).

Consult the drilling crews about mud cleaning equipment and drilling liquids.

Give recommendations on drilling mud treatments and washing liquids components.

Give recommendations on mud replacement to the drilling crews, in order to keep proper parameters and properties of the mud.

Control proper organization of work places (rational distribution of materials, parts, tools, supplies and its storage).Control the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Observe Labour discipline, internal regulations, the requirements of the rules and instructions for the safe operations, technological regimes and regulations. Control safe work methods.

Informs management about working conditions at the rig site (needed corrective actions to optimize the process and provide safe work).Informs management about violations and incidents accrued.

Takes care of the Customer’s property, provides its safety.

Protects the commercial secrets (personal data and confidentiality of the information which was received due to duty performance).