DD engineers

Perfectly works with any tool types using in directional drilling. Perfectly knows all the drilling operations. Organizes operations according to the documentation applied in accordance with regulations and technical specification and other normative documents. Under general management of the Project Manager controls drilling process, including preparation, assembly equipment, getting data, control the service quality in accordance with the stated and the required standards.

Controls drilling process at the rig site, including well profile calculations according to the set targets. Responsible for the necessary tools tests before, during and after work. Finds out operational problems, reduces and prevents their impact on the service quality.

Keeps records of equipment and materials used in the work, tracking its delivery and shipment to the rig, examines and makes recommendations for the current and scheduled maintenance, fills in database of the current work, makes work orders, daily and final EOW. Responsible for the accuracy and proper fills in all the forms and databases. Provides technical and job conclusions in professional manner. Control the surveys according to the Customer’s requirements.

Cooperate with MWD engineer to ensure BHA compatibility; planned operating parameters with the aim of specification and correct tool face references are applied.

If necessary provide daily money. It carries out activities to raise the level of mechanization, introduction new technology, improve the organization of labour and economical use of materials. Participates in signing field acts (including sections and the whole well).

Participates in all the meetings for improving service quality provided to the Customer. Fills in daily drilling report and sends it to the coordinator. Perfect manages computer software, gives recommendations to the Customer’s representatives at the rig site. If required provides the daily cost of the services to the Customer. Carries out activities for operations optimization, suggests new technology, improve job organization, economical use of materials. Takes part in sending volumes of job performed (including the stages and the complex).

Control proper organization of work places (rational distribution of materials, parts, tools, supplies and its storage).Control the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Observe Labour discipline, internal regulations, the requirements of the rules and instructions for the safe operations, technological regimes and regulations. Control safe work methods.

Informs management about working conditions at the rig site (needed corrective actions to optimize the process and provide safe work).Informs management about violations and incidents accrued.

Takes care of the Customer’s property, provides its safety.

Protects the commercial secrets(personal data and confidentiality of the information which was received due to duty performance).