The staff of «SemKor» consists of professionals has extensive experience in senior technical positions in both Russian and foreign suppliers.

Expected improvement of the services provided by the optimization in the construction of wells will be 10-15% for the year. The development budget for the year, an increase of wells constructed from the planned amount for the same money.

There are two main aspects to improve the work processes:
1. Optimization of the organizational process.
2. Optimization of technical and production process.

In providing our services worked both aspects. Let us consider each separately.

Optimization of the organizational process

1.1 to consider issues of planning a pilot project before the construction of the well, with a clear delineation of the responsibilities of each contractor, depending on the area of ​​responsibility — «Drilling on paper.»
1.2 Identify the time frames for all types of operations with the consent of each of the contractors on the basis of the ideal conditions of the working process.
1.3 Analysis of the works on completion of the well, and make recommendations for further improvement.

Optimization of technical and production process

2.1 Analysis of the parameters of drilling rigs.
2.2 Analysis of features of geological conditions.
2.3 Risk assessment during the planning of accident-free work performance.
2.4 Assessment of equipment and technologies provided by the Contractor in accordance with the parameters of drilling rigs and geological conditions.
2.5 Recommendations for raising additional equipment to improve efficiency of well construction, without increase in the cost of the well.
2.6 The optimal choice of profiles matching geological customer service according to the standards kompanii.Vo time for completion of the work being analyzed with provision of all the information on the effective management of operations.